Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where is the front office of Green Valley Hakuba ?
Our front office is located almost in the center of Hakuba village, close by the entrance to Hakuba47 ski area.

If you enter [Our phone number 0261-75-4000]

Into your navigator, the guidance may lead you to a wrong direction such as the Hakuba47 ski area. In this case please enter the phone number of
[Lawson Kamishiro shop 0261-75-4100]
which is just 250m away from our front offce.

Q2. What are characteristics of the cottages ?
The cottages are charcterized by the construction methods and the grades.

"Executive type" Grade : ★★★
A cottage focused on spaciousness and comfort.(4 ~ 21 people)

"Log house" Grade : ★★
A log house making the best use of the natural log texture.(2 ~ 13 people)

"Standard Deluxe" Grade : ★★
A conventional style cottage, more spacious than a standard type cottage.(4 ~ 8 people)

"Standard" Grade : ★
Ordinary constructed cottages, which are at very reasonable prices.(2 ~ 22 people)

All cottages have facilities of kitchen, bath room and toilet, The room layouts and accommodating number of people vary from one cottage to another.

Q3. When to check in and check out ?
Check in 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
Check out 10:00 am.

Q4. Is it possible to check in at late hours ?
If you arrive after 6 pm. or even at midnight, you could check in with prior notification.

Q5. How much is the accommodation ?
The rates vary, depending on the season, the type of the cottage and the number of people, from 5,300~25,000 JPY per person.

Q6. How much is the accommodation for children ?
The rate for children at the age of six or older is the same as that for adults. No charges occur for a single child under 6 years old.
However if there are two children under 6 years old they will be counted as one adult.
e.g. 3 Adults + 3 children under 6 years old = 4 Adults and 1 children under 6 years old.

Q7. Are credit cards Ok ?
We accepted credit cards below.
Please note,
We accept only cash payments for discounted optional activities such as discounted ski lifts pass for Goryu and Hakuba47 ski area and several seasonal outdoor activities.

Q8. Is there a parking lot ?
All cottages have their designated free parking lot.

Q9. Do you have facilities to keep our luggage and to change our clothes ?
Unfortunately we do not have such facilities.

Q10. Are amenities included in the service ?
In each cottage bath towels, hand towels,toothbrushes, two-in-one shampoo, body shampoo and a hand wash are include in the service.
Tissues, laundry detergent, pajamas and medicines are not included in the service.
However there are rental goods available, if there is anything you would like to know further more please click here.

Q11. Are condiments included in the service ?
Condiments are not provided in cottages.
Supermarkets and convenient stores are several minutes drive from our front office.
Cooking utensils are equipped, and tableware is provided acconding to the guests.
If you would like to know what is provided in the cottage please click here.

Q12. Do you have pickup service ?
We provide pick-up service from either JR Hakuba Station or from public transportation point in Hakuba Village.
A prebooking is required and we may not be able to respond if informed on the day of your arrival.
The transfer service between the cottage and a ski area is available once a day per guest from 9:00-17:30.
We kindly ask customers who may check in early or at late hours, to inform us beforehand to arrange the time for pickup services.
Otherwise, taxis and car rentals are available in Hakuba village.

Q13. Is there a hot spring close by ?
Yes, there are several hot springs with different spring quality close by, such as Happo Onsen.

Q14. Are there restaurants nearby ?
Yes, there are Western, Chinese, and Japanese style restaurants within 3 to 10 minutes drive from Hakuba station or our office.
There are several pubs nearby for you to enjoy your evening.
please note:
Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited in Japan, please make sure to have someone that does not consume alcohol when driving a vehicle.

Q15. Is Wifi available?
Yes, it is available in all of our cottages.

Q16. Can we use wood-burning stove?
We afraid to say but wood-burning stove is out of service.