introduction to cottages cottage's accomodation

Introduction to cottages

Executive Type

Luxurious exterior and interior!
For your impeccable holiday!

Log House Type

We recommend it to those who are outdoors people.

Standard DX Type

A cheerful double height Standard deluxe type,
which is light and bright with high ceilings.

Pet OK Type

Enjoy your stay with your whole family!
(Only for disciplined pets allowed)

Standard Type

Cozy ambience with a lot of trees!
Suitable for small group.

Outdoor Bath Type

Open air bath available from check-in to check-out

Group Type

Recommended for a party of more than 10 people.

Cottage's accomodation

Electrical appliances

refrigerator, TV, micro wave, rice cooker, electoric pot, gas stove, toaster, hair dryer, vacum cleaner, washing machine, heater, air conditioner

Cooking utensils

sauce pan 1~2, bowl, spatula, can opener, draining basket, long chop sticks, double and pot, colander, rice scooper, wine opener, sponge, measuring cup, frying pan, cutting board, ladle, peeler, dish towel, dish washing detergent, kettle, kitchen knife


rice bowl, small dish, soup dish, glass, chop sticks, knife, soup bowl, small bowl, coffee cup, sake bottle, spoon and tea spoon, china bowl, dinner plate, saucer, fork

bath & wash room

bath mat, body soap, futon and bed, sheet cover, face towel, bath towel, wash bowl, two on one shampoo, blanket, pillow case, ash tray, tooth brush, bath stool, hand wash, slipper, garbage bag


Parking, barbeque place

Electric pot and wine glasses are equipped in executive type.